Portfolio Launch

The day is here – Portfolio Launch 2022!

We have finally reached the day when we give you access to all of our students who will start their internship this coming fall. We are so proud of the work they have done and this is a big day for them!

We kindly ask all companies not to approach the students before the Meet & Greet. 

Check out our students’ portfolios:

Level Designers
LD20 Malmö
LD20 Stockholm

Game Artists
SG20 Malmö
SG20 Stockholm

Game Programmers
SP20 Malmö
SP20 Stockholm

Game Animators
SA20 Malmö

Technical Artists
TA21 Malmö

We are so excited for all the 48 companies that are registered to attend our Meet & Greet next week. See the complete list of participating companies HERE.

Our students are really looking forward meeting all the companies and take their first step into the Games Industry this coming fall.