The Game Assembly applying to start more educations

Every tenth individual in the world plays a Swedish computer game. ”The biggest problem we have now is that it is difficult to find game developers,” said Johanna Nylander, responsible for Political Issues, at Dataspelsbranschen (Swedish Games Industry), in a statement.

The Game Assembly’s aim is to solve this issue which is why we are applying to start a school in Stockholm as well as three new programs in Malmö. Stockholm is the largest game development cluster in Sweden and we have a great collaboration with the game studios there as well as in the rest of Sweden.

We are applying to start up the following programs:

  • Game programming (Stockholm)
  • Game Art (Stockholm)
  • Level design (Stockholm)
  • Game Animator (Malmö)
  • UI/UX designer (Malmö)
  • Community manager (Malmö)

Since the year of 2008 we have successfully educated 7 % of the Swedish game developers. It has been the same 7 % the last couple of years even though the amount of gamedevelopers is growing. We also want to grow and share our students so that Sweden can continue to be the best game developing country in the world.

Finally we want to thank our amazing Swedish games industry. To each application we have had 25 game companies giving us support, providing us with descriptions of what their needs are both in knowledge and in numbers of employees in the future.

Now it is up to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan) to give us a GO-signal.