Registered companies for 2019 edition of
The Game Assembly’s Meet and Greet

We are happy to announce that all these amazing companies will attend our Meet and Greet:

Studio Gobo & Electric Square (UK)
Tarsier Studios (SWE)
King (SWE)
Avalanche Studios (SWE)
The Station (SWE)
Logic Artists (DK)
Playdead (DK)
IO Interactive (DK)
DoubleMoose Games (SWE)
Sozap (SWE)
Apex Game Tools (DK)
Game Swing (DK)
HiberWorld (SWE)
Pastille (SWE)
Hazelight (SWE)
Fast Travel Games (SWE)
Rare Ltd (UK)
Portaplay (DK)
Remedy (FIN)
Frictional Games (SWE)
Sharkmob (SWE)
Fatshark (SWE)
Flashbulb (DK)
Illusion Labs (SWE)
Thunderful (SWE)
Multiverse (DK)
Embark Studios (SWE)
Paradox (SWE)
The Bearded Ladies (SWE)
Massive Entertainment (SWE)
Frogsong Studios (SWE)
Cameo Games (DK)
Machine Games (SWE)
Playwood Games (DK)

and more to come!