The Game Assembly’s Meet and Greet 2020!

DATE: April 22, 2020
WHERE: Moriskan in Malmö, Sweden

–Registration is open!–

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Make sure to secure your spot to get the opportunity to meet your future colleague! 

Meet and Greet is The Game Assembly’s annual event, where our students get a chance to show off their portfolios and to give companies an opportunity to find the best intern match for their game company. 
Meet and Greet in 2020 we celebrate the 10th Meet and Greet in The Game Assembly’s history! This will also be the first time that we send out Game Animators for internship. The event will take place in the same beautiful venue as the last couple of years, namely the lovely Morsikan 


About The Game Assembly’s Meet and Greet

At Meet and Greet, we gather game companies for a fair like set up where the students can come to introduce themselves and show off their portfolios, in search for internship. Around 40 game companies from different countries attends The Game Assembly’s Meet and Greet.

If your company is looking for interns, Meet and Greet is the perfect spot for you to meet our students and to find interns that matches your company’s needs.

A few days before the Meet and Greet we will send out the link to the students portfolios to all the participating companies so that they can get acquianted with the students before the event. The Meet and Greet is our embargo date and we ask all companies not to make contact with our students before this day.

We encourage the participating companies to visit the school before the Meet and Greet to hold a lecture and meet our students. Let us know if you are interested in this!

About the internship

The next internship period starts on the 31st of August 2020.
For Game Programmers, Game Animators, Level Designers, and Game Artists, the internship is a total of 30 weeks, and for the Technical Artists, 20 weeks.

96% of our students got their internship at companies that attended Meet and Greet in 2019!

The internship course is an essential part of the students education and it is important that you as a company make sure to make time and space to take in an intern and to provide the guidance that is needed. The Game Assembly’s students are well equiped through the courses at school but it is important that the goals of the student and the companys goals are established and communicated with the school, before the internship starts, so that all parties know what to expect. The students need to be appointed a supervisor that provides guidence and tasks throughout the internship and is present together with the student when The Game Assembly makes a follow up visit. It is very important that, before taking in an intern, make sure that your comapy have the time and opportunity to guide a student for the intire internship period.


For more information please contact:
Linda Nilsson
Educational Leader
The Game Assembly