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The participation fee depends on how many representatives will attend from your company. There is a limit of 4 representatives per company since the space is limited and we wish to have as many attending companies as possible.

1000 SEK: 1 representative
1500 SEK: 2 representatives
2000 SEK: 3 representatives
2500 SEK: 4 representatives
Includes: A simple booth with table and chairs (maximum six chairs per booth), a nice lunch with a touch of Malmö, fresh fruit, coffee and tea all day, Swedish fika and drink tickets. The spots are limited. Sign up before the 1st of April. 


Does your company want to send more representatives than 4 which is what a reglar ticket covers? No problem, we have got the solution for you! Your company can sponsor The Game Assembly’s Meet and Greet, which make it possible to have more representatives present at the event.

The Game Assembly’s Meet and Greet have been sponsored every year which is an important part for us to make the event a great day for everyone! This year we can announce that there are 6 spots for sponsoring the event. 4 of these are already filled but there are 2 left. This financial support will be used for rent of the venue, lunch, drinks, cake, signs, cables amoung other things needed for the event.

To recieve more information and register for sponsorship please contact:

The Game Assembly’s Educational Leader
Linda Nilsson at  



It is Portfolio Launch on the 17th of April! This is when we provide you with the links to all the students’ portfolios so you can get to know them a little beforehand.


We ask all companies to wait until Meet and Greet before you contact the students to discuss internship in order to let them focus on their work in school up until then. Before taking in an intern, it is also important that you make sure that your company have the time and opportunity to provide guidence for the intern throughout the whole internship.


At 18:00, when Meet and Greet finishes on the 22nd of April, our friends at Game Habitat takes over and offers you a great opportunity to connect with other people in your industry at a Game Developer Meetup. This takes place in the very same venue namely Moriskan, so you don’t even have to leave for the evening event! We will give you more information about this closer to the event.


Thank you to our sponsor of the event:
Sharkmob, Coffee Stain, Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft Studio and King for making the Meet and Greet an even greater day!