• “TGA is the best education for students interested in the game industry in the region. We have had great success taking in interns and including them into the actual game production, as well as hiring the best talent after internship ended.”Thomas Hentschel Lund, CEO, Full Control February 2014

  • “Image & Form’s vision is to make games of the highest quality, that people happily recommend to others. A way of doing this is by finding the best co-workers. That’s why we scan The Game Assembly first”Brjann Sigurgeirsson, CEO , Image & Form February 2014

  • Went to the local game school today The Game Assembly to give a lecture on the video game industry and to talk about working in the industry and the work on VERTEX. The students and staff welcomed me and treated me with the utmost respect and attention. The quality level of the students and the level of skill that they are achieving at the school is shocking. I was impressed with the conversation and the skill sets that these students are learning. I felt more like the student then the speaker today.” Ryan Hawkins, Outsourcing manager at Massive a Ubiosoft Studio, Ryan is also a part of the Polycount Team and community plus he has written the book VERTEX 10th of October 2012

  • The knowledge that the TGA students possess after completing training is at such a high level that we at Southend see it as the standard for how we measure knowledge for anyone looking for internship here at Southend.”

    Martin Rolén, Technical Director at Southend Interactive March 2012

  • “The Game Assembly has rapidly developed into one of the country’s major vocational colleges and many of the members from the Association of Swedish Game Developers have hired students from there. It is the closeness to the industry’s work processes, the internship periods, the quality of education and the active contacts with the industry that makes TGA a role model among the game educations.”Per Strömbäck, Managing Director at Spelplan and Spokes person at the Association of Swedish Game Developers November 2011